At Papier Plume, we understand that the perfect pen is a treasure worth hunting. Although many of the brands we stock are well established, traditional, or otherwise recognizable, one reason so many make Papier Plume a destination is our curated selection of small batch designer pens. Visiting our shop can be like stumbling upon a treasure chest, brimming with unique and rare finds.

When Alexandre Duboc flew on to our radar, Papier Plume owner, Patrick, flew to France. There, he would meet with Duboc in Meudon at his studio in the renowned Potager du Dauphin atelier apartments. Originally the royal vegetable garden for King Louis XIV, the Portager du Dauphin was also a seminary retreat and library for religious Russian students before becoming a public garden and artist residence. Home to jewelry and fashion designers, watchmakers, ceramic artists, even artists designing avant-garde furniture, the Portager du Dauphin has dedicated itself to the tradition of art and restoration.

Alexandre Duboc at his work bench

The apartments at Portager du Dauphin

Alexandre Duboc's studio at Portager du Dauphin

Alexandre at his his workbench

Collective of artisans at Portager du Dauphin

It is no surprise then that Duboc's creations transcend object. He does not merely manufacture pens, he expresses a unique artistic vision with every stylo. Using advanced techniques of woodworking and Urushi arts, Alexandre Duboc's pieces are expertly crafted to inspire. From his website:

"Alexandre Duboc crée depuis 2002 des stylos plume d'exception qu'il dessine, modèle, façonne avec minutie en fonction de ses passions, de ses rencontres, de ses coups de coeur. Ses créations sont autant de clins d'oeil que d'hommages rendus aux amoureux de l'écriture qui viennent à lui. L'artisan choisit soigneusement ses matières, adapte les plumes, jongle avec les formes au fil des discussions qu'il noue avec ses clients. Ses stylos se veulent leur reflet, symbole de leurs passions, de leur sensibilité et de leurs valeurs."

Alexandre Duboc has been creating exceptional fountain pens since 2002, which he designs, models, and painstakingly shapes according to his passions, his encounters, his favorites. His creations are as many winks as tributes paid to lovers of writing who come to him. The craftsman chooses his materials carefully, adapts the feathers, juggles with the forms over the discussions he establishes with his clients. His pens are meant to be their reflection, a symbol of their passions, their sensitivity and their values.

Check out some of our favorite examples of Duboc's work:

Our very favorite of all, the newest addition to our line up of special edition designer pens, Alexandre Duboc's "La Flèche", or "The Arrow".

Much like an arrow held in a quiver, La Flèche represents your creative potential just waiting to take aim. The body of the pen is made of a gold resin fractal so that it shines in strong contrast to the darker ebony cap. Currently, only seven of these pens have been made and come in a variety of nib sizes. Upon request, the nib can be upgraded from a steel JoWo nib to an X-wing flex nib. Only seven of these pens are currently available, so don't hesitate to take your shot!

This is a partnership you'll want to keep your eye on. Who knows what creative avenues we will explore with our new partner and friend, Alexandre Duboc.

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  2. Alexandre Duboc - Oria Urushi Feuille de Cuivre
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  3. Alexandre Duboc - Arcade bois d Amourette